John Steinbeck Steinbeck is an american author and the 1962 Nobel Prize winner in literature. The only thing I know about Steinbeck is that he writes sad stories and I really had to go out of my comfort zone to pick something up by him. I’m glad I chose a short book rather his bigger books like East of Eden. So, this edition of Penguin had almost 90 pages in it this, was such a pretty addition there are four chapters. In this book each chapter signifies an important event which happened in the life of this ten year old boy in California in the 1930s. His name is Jody Teflon and he lives with his parents in a ranch. To be honest, I was struggled with the language in the book because there is a lot of terminology about animals and farms.

The first chapter is called The Gift and it is this Red Pony which Judy Dylan receives from his father. He absolutely loves it and is really happy to have a pony for himself.

The second chapter , The Great Mountains, what bothered me about was this part of Judy Dylan’s character which peeks through. So, we see this ten year-old boy torturing animals around the ranch because he is bored.

A deserving chapter to read, the third chapter in the story is called The Promise. In this chapter one of the horses on the ranch is pregnant, there are certain complications of childbirth and Jody sees these complications while the horse is giving birth to the Colt and that is very disturbing for him.

In the last chapter of the book, The leader of the People, Jody Dylan’s grandfather comes to visit them. This was one of the most thought-provoking chapters because it made me realize how the grandfather is snubbed at every occasion because his stories and his emotions are no longer relevant to today. But the connection we see between Jody Dillon and his grandfather is very sweet because he understands that his grandfather is hurt by how his father is treating him.

So you would expect this book to be cheerful because it’s about a ten-year-old boy but this is Steinbeck we are talking about and tragedy hits at every occasion I enjoyed his writing and I quickly went through the book. I gave it a three and a half star because there was not one character which I actually liked they were all flawed people and not very likable.

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