It has been more than a year since pandemic struck the entire world. As, the novel virus struck with countries, cities going off radar, economy collapsing, the pandemic forcing offices, schools, institutions, market round the globe to shut. The doctors were put-in charge to grip up and cope up with the stress of hospitals, tertiary care units and other medical facilities. With, doctors being called as “saviours” and “warriors” but people who lost their loved ones have put in major blame on the hospitals and called loss of their loved ones as mismanagement of hospitals and administrative failure. The medical profession was and has always been held in highest esteem, while death is inevitable, and we can’t deny the fact that thousands have come out as fully recovered but we can’t put a blind eye and deny the cases of mismanagement and criminal negligence leading to deaths of hundreds of young and old, the stories that have always gone under-reported. When the patients are admitted due to critical conditions, many were ignored medical facilities till the optics became impossible. The critical patients don’t get enough attention due to inexperienced and lack of staff that was evident because of a recently reported case.

The death of mother-in-law, and a young daughter-in-law, within 24 hours, a day before Eid-ul-fitr, in south Kashmir’s Government Medical College, Anantnag, that turned the whole town into gloom, raised serious eye-brows, about the lapses and incompetence of the hospital, administrative authorities, with the families crying of criminal negligence and denial of ambulance to the critical young lady, and people calling for action against those responsible.

The administrative collapse in offices during the pandemic led to chaos, with administration always turning a deaf ear and being incompetent, it took major districts of Kashmir months to implement mandating masks, to put on awareness at every level from rural to urban areas as if COVID-19 had gone for a holiday. The idea of testing was to prevent an outbreak, but here it was just to confirm a case and add to numbers. There were instances when patients who had tested positive were let go home without any prescription. Was it to lessen the burden? Or just to add to the recovered numbers. The answer lied with them. During early days of pandemic when someone tested positive, he was taken away and whole family was quarantined, but with the chain let loose, localities in Kashmir had positive patients around and there was nothing done by administration, to stop it from spreading further. This led many areas to become highly volatile and super spreaders with no testing drives in early stages. While, security forces where put in for a lockdown or curb the movement of people, this made people more suffer , with no clear guidelines about essential services and deal to them in rural areas.

Weeks ago, when the administration said, they had enough stock of vaccines, the lies stood exposed, while vaccines are of utmost priority, we are facing a dearth of it, it’s all random and haphazard and hence a disaster. There have been instances, when under-aged people have been vaccinated, when there were even no guidelines for them. Furthermore, there have been no slots available for 18+ people in major districts, when Government was saying they are open. The administration must look out at it to provide relief to people, so as to avoid future cases, by having effective management and implementing a particular plan of action to tackle the spread, the patients, the vaccinations and the critical care things, immediately and simultaneously.

The authorities must take concrete steps, must intervene in the roaster of doctors and medical staff available at individual parts of hospital. The COVID-19 wards must get further facilities to avoid further deaths. If the administration can’t take care of patients, they must not let them die at their hands.

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