My immense love for English literature always makes me to delve deep in it and this article is a general view on the same.
Commonly we say that Literature refers to different types of novels,short stories,poetry,plays and so on.
English literature as such means different things in different contexts. We see that at college level, English literature tends to refer to British literature. While in high schools and in general usage, it often refers to any literature written in english.
Little indeed is known of the origin of English Literature, though it is reasonable to assume that verse of an extemporary kind was composed long before the first prose was written down. When English Literature solely refers to literature from the British Isles, the literature is said to have begun around the year 1450. The Elizabethan era brought humanism, Renaissance and foreign influence such as the Italian sonnet. If we talk about the major manuscripts of old English poetry, it is preserved in four manuscripts of the late 10th and early 11th centuries. The Beowulf manuscript (British Library) contains Beowulf, Judith and three prose tracts, The Exeter Book (Exeter Cathedral) is a miscellaneous gathering of lyrics, riddles, didactic poems and religious narratives, The Junius manuscript (Bodleian Library) and the Vercelli Book.
Well, when it comes to me, I feel William Shakespeare and John keats to be the major portion of English Literature. As I personally love both of these colossuses of English Literature.
William Shakespeare is a name in English Literature that needs no introduction and if having a direct look on his great works, we can say that his dramas are something beyond words and when it comes to “Hamlet” the masterpiece, it is a drama that is the world in itself. His plays have been translated into every major living language and are performed more than that of any playwright.
Then how can one describe his poetry which is beauty beyond words. Sonnet 18 is his most famous poem and among the most renowed sonnets ever written.
John keats is one of the finest romantic poets of English Literature. I think when one reads his “Ode on a Grecian Urn” and “To Autumn” the thirst for knowledge of literature is satiated to the fullest.
Now going back to the main point of English Literature, it gives a detailed preview of human experiences, allowing us to connect on basic levels of desire and emotion.

English Literature has a lot to offer from its treasures. So I feel whenever people feel like having chaos going all around them and frustrations fill their minds, they should for a novel or may b a short story or even a short poem. This for sure will revive their peace of mind and they will definitely feel a calmness around.

If we have a look on types of literature, rather than types of English Literature,they are oral literature, written literature, scientific literature, technical literature. It performs different functions at different levels. When it comes to society, literature and life of a society, literature and life reflect upon each other. Life moulds literature of a society and literature reflects the real pattern of any society.

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